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How Can You Learn to Recognize Your Stress Level?

Not all stress is bad, but too much can be a problem. When you can learn more about your own responses to stress and where you are on your own scale, you can deal with stress much more effectively as a caregiver and as a person.       Boiling Water Isn’t Always Obvious Analogies […]
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Options to Consider When Your Mom Can’t Cook

In the national State of Home Cooking Survey, 2.7 of every 10 respondents said they cook daily. Of the 2,000 people polled, only 68 percent cook four meals a week. Six percent admitted they never cook at all.     If your mom can’t or doesn’t like to cook, she’s in good company. Eating out, […]
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3 Tips for Communicating with Older Adults

Senior Care in Natomas CA: As your parent continues to get older, having a regular conversation with them may become more of a challenge than it did in the past.
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