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As your parent continues to get older, having a regular conversation with them may become more of a challenge than it did in the past. Not only will they have a more difficult time understandingSenior-Care-in-Natomas-CA what you are saying, but they may have trouble reading your body language as well. If trying to engage in a conversation with the elder is becoming too stressful, consider hiring a senior care provider. These professional caregivers are experienced in communicating with older adults with various health conditions.

The following tips will also make it easier to talk to your loved one and give them directions.

  1. Say it again. Whether your loved one has hearing loss, a cognitive impairment, or there is another reason they have trouble understanding you, it may take a few tries before they can comprehend what is being said. If your loved one does not understand what is being said the first time, repeat it. You may want to slow down when you are speaking and lower your tone in order to make it easier to understand. If that still does not work, try rephrasing what you were saying, remembering to continue speaking slowly and in a low tone.
  2. Ask open-ended questions. Encourage the elder to also become an active participant in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions that will force them to also share their thoughts and feelings. If the elder does not answer immediately, be patient and wait for their response. You may be surprised at all of the interesting your loved one will want to share with you.
  3. Get to the point. Trying to communicate some drawn out, ongoing sentence may not only be challenging for older adults to understand, but they may also quickly lose interest in the point you are trying to make. When speaking, keep it short and sweet in order to make it easier for your elderly parent to comprehend. Doing this will also allow you to emphasize the key points that you are attempting to communicate instead of  including “fluff,” or information that is not important to the message. By getting straight to the point, your loved one will be able to absorb the information easier.

These tips will allow you to easily talk to your parent, even while they continue to age. Make sure to continue having patience with the elder, allowing them to share their feelings and thoughts, no matter how much time it may take.

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