Light Housekeeping

We understand how important it is to the well-being of our clients that they live in a clean and organized home. Our care partners are fully capable of handling light housekeeping to ensure your loved one lives in a comfortable environment free of clutter.

A Clean and Organized Home Promotes Health And Safety For Seniors

Clutter can create tripping hazards, and uncleanliness can lead to mold or a build-up of allergens. Our caregivers can handle light housekeeping to ensure your loved one lives in a comfortable environment free of clutter.

When physically able, a client assisting a caregiver with cleaning is a great physical activity that can promote physical and mental health and help them maintain a sense of pride and personal dignity. But many of our clients can no longer keep up with cleaning, and we are happy to provide them with the clean, soothing environment they deserve.

Light Housekeeping May Include:

Regular Dusting & Vacuuming

For elderly people with dust allergies, or other physical conditions, being unable to keep up with the dusting can make life at home unpleasant. It can also exacerbate any existing conditions, or make recovering from illnesses more challenging.

Caregivers help by regularly dusting surfaces around the home, vacuuming carpets, and running dust cloths over hardwood floors. Not only will this help keep the home looking clean, it can help your loved one breathe a little easier.

Bathroom Maintenance, Cleanliness & Safety

Because accidents and falls occur within a home, our caregivers take the cleaning and organization of bathrooms seriously. We’ll make sure the floors are free from clutter and tripping hazards, keep the counters clean, and make sure everything is organized and where it should be.

Special attention to detail is paid to bathroom accessibility devices, such as grab bars and transfer benches in order to minimize slip-and-fall hazards and ensure that your family member can safely use their facilities. We’ll also report any issues that require maintenance, so that a proper specialist can be hired to make any necessary repairs.

We also recognize that medicine cabinet organization is of great importance to many of our clients. We’ll ensure your loved one can easily find the medications they need, and remove any that are expired.

Kitchen Cleanliness & Organization

Many of our clients still prefer cooking their own meals, and are capable of doing so, but aren’t always able to handle the cleaning their kitchens need. This can lead to tripping hazards, fires, and foodborne illnesses when food is left unrefrigerated. Even minor issues, such as digging through disorganized drawers to find needed utensils can be difficult and discouraging.

Our caregivers can help by keeping countertops clean, handle the dishwashing, mopping the floors, cleaning food debris from the stove, organize your drawers and cabinets and return items where they belong. We’ll also regularly check on food stocked in refrigerators and pantries and remove anything that is expired or potentially unsafe. Your loved one will be able to safely use their kitchen to prepare healthy meals without worry!

Mail & Bill Organization

As we age, it becomes easier to misplace billing statements, bank notices, and other important documents.

We can help your loved one keep up with the bills and keep their home clutter free. Every day, a caregiver can sit down with your family member, go through their mail, and help them identify items of importance. If your loved one has a social media presence, we can even help them stay connected, view photos shared by loved ones, and answer messages from family members and friends.


There’s nothing like clean clothes and fresh set of bed sheets, but it’s not always easy to get the laundry done when it needs to be. It can involve a heavy lifting, and a lot of bending of the back and knees that is difficult for older clients.

Our caregivers can take this burden up for your family member, making sure that the clothes get washed, ironed if necessary, and that the bed sheets are changed out regularly.

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