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Five Tips that Make a Chronic Illness Easier on Your Senior

Elder Care in Stockton CA: Chronic illnesses are difficult to manage, but there are some steps that you can take that can help her to deal with them more easily.
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Does Sleep Apnea Affect Gout?

Gout is a terribly painful kind of arthritis that generally attacks just one joint at a time. The most common joint attacked is in the big toe. The condition varies between periods of activity, called flares, and periods when no symptoms are present called remission. The symptoms of gout are extreme pain, swelling, heat, and […]
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What Steps Can You Take to Keep Your Senior Healthier?

Senior Care in Stockton CA: As a family caregiver, you're always striving to find ways to protect your parent, and give them the best quality of life as they age. Guarding their physical health is an essential part of this, and should be considered in virtually all aspects of your care plans for your senior.
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