Chronic health conditions can really take a toll on your aging adult, but they don’t have to leave her drained and hating her life. With a few simple changes, she can live life to the fullest, even with a health issue.


Elder Home Care in Stockton CA: Chronic Illness Tips

Elder Home Care in Stockton CA: Chronic Illness Tips


Take a Solid Look at What She’s Eating

Eating the right foods can help your senior to get the nutrition that she needs to be able to deal with a variety of different health conditions. Depending on her specific health issues, your senior might even be able to avoid or reduce medications. People eating a healthier diet might not have as many issues with high blood pressure, for instance.


Formulate a Plan

Talk with your senior’s doctor and get a plan going. The plan doesn’t have to be a complicated one or highly involved, but it’s a good idea to at least map out some of the activities that can help your senior to stay healthier. This can also help her to feel more in control, especially if the health issues she’s facing are ones that take a lot out of her.


Ease in Exercise

If exercise is something that her doctor recommends, your senior may want to ease into an exercise plan slowly. She doesn’t have to start working out like crazy right out of the gate. In fact, jumping into exercise too fast and too intensely can cause injuries and leave her feeling negative about the experience.


Help Her to Accept Her Limitations

There may be some things that are more difficult for your senior to do after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. She may not have the same amount of energy that she used to have and that can make keeping up with certain tasks more difficult. This is where hiring elder care providers can help her to appreciate and respect her own limitations and allow other people to help.


Make Room for Activities She Enjoys

It’s really important that your senior is able to engage in activities that she enjoys. Everyone needs to have things to look forward to and your aging adult is no exception. Maybe she wants to pick up a hobby that she used to enjoy or perhaps it’s time for her to find a new activity. The possibilities are endless.

You might also want to consider helping your senior to find a support group for other people like her. Talking to other people who are dealing with the same types of illnesses and ailments can help her to feel more informed and less isolated than she might be feeling.

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