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Woman and Her Mother Doing Occupational Therapy

Can Occupational Therapy Benefit My Elderly Mom?

Providing the best care for a dependent elderly parent means assembling a team of experienced professionals and dedicated family members to work together.¬†These supportive people usually include a family caregiver, family members, close friends, health care experts, elderly care providers, and senior service groups. However, one person that can also contribute is an occupational therapist. […]
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Is Your Senior at Increased Risk for Heat Stroke?

Home Health Care in Davis CA: More than 650 people throughout the United States die each year as a result of heat-related injuries. The most severe heat-related injury is heat stroke. This is the term used to apply two circumstances when the body severely overheats.
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How Can Your Breathing Help You to Deal with Stress?

Homecare in Davis CA: Something as simple as focusing on your breathing can help you to banish stress more easily.
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Symptoms of Digestive Disorders in the Elderly

Caregiver in Davis CA: Is your elderly relative experiencing above average gastrointestinal distress? As a family caregiver, it can be hard to care properly for your loved one when they have digestive issues.
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