Homecare in Woodland CA: 5 Bathroom Must Haves For Your Senior With Alzheimer's

Homecare in Woodland CA: 5 Bathroom Must Haves For Your Senior With Alzheimer’s

Here’s the thing with Alzheimer’s.  There’s no way to know what symptoms a patient will actually have.  It’s also hard to predict when symptoms will advance.  Some families find things like wandering or forgetting family members happens practically overnight.  Prevent issues in advance by having a bathroom equipped for Alzheimer’s as early as possible.

Traction Decals

You don’t want your parent slipping on the shower/tub floor.  Install traction decals or an anti-slip shower mat to make sure there’s traction.  If you decide on a shower mat, look for options that resist mildew and are machine washable.

Grab Bars

Your parent’s bathroom needs grab bars near the toilet, inside the shower or bathtub, and outside the tub or shower.  These bars must be anchored into wall studs and sturdy enough to support your parent’s full weight.

Alzheimer’s often makes it hard to distinguish similar colors.  Make sure the grab bar is a color that contrasts with the bathroom wall.  If the wall is a light cream, choose a dark brown or black grab bar.  If the wall color is dark, pick a white or silver grab bar.


Anti-Scald Showerhead

You don’t want your mom or dad burning themselves while taking a bath or shower.  They might not react fast enough if the water is too hot.  You can turn the temperature down on the water heater, but anti-scald showerhead also helps.  With this showerhead, the water flow shuts off if the water temperature exceeds 120 degrees.  These showerheads are not expensive, and they’re an easy DIY project.


Shower Chair

As Alzheimer’s progresses, you or a caregiver will need to help with bathing.  A shower chair makes this a lot easier.  Make sure you measure your mom or dad’s tub first to guarantee the chair will fit. If the bathroom is small, a folding chair makes storage less of an issue.


Washable Bathroom Carpeting

While the thought of carpeting in the bathroom might make you shudder, it’s very handy.  By covering slippery tiles, you reduce the risk of your mom or dad falling.  It also prevents some of the anxiety tile flooring may cause.  If the tiles are of contrasting patterns, your mom or dad may feel some of the contrasting tiles are actually holes and hesitate to walk on it.  Solid color carpeting eliminates that fear.


Getting assistance with Alzheimer’s care is essential when a parent has Alzheimer’s.  You’ll need a home care caregiver to provide you with breaks while you go out with friends or loved ones, attend a support group, or go shopping for essentials.  Call a home care agency today and discuss care services

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