The 2015 United States of Aging Survey found that 3 out of 4 seniors want to remain at home for the rest of their lives.

More than half have lived in the same place for two decades or longer. Is your parent one of the 75 percent who wants to age at home? Deciding if that is possible is something to look at as early as possible.



Home Health Care in Sacramento CA: Aging at Home

Home Health Care in Sacramento CA: Aging at Home


Consider the Overall Cost

How much does your parent pay each year in property and school tax? Failing to pay taxes can put a lien on the house. Depending on area laws, unpaid taxes can lead to a foreclosure to pay off the taxes that are due.

Even if the mortgage is paid off, homeowner’s insurance and maintenance are required to keep the house safe. If your parent ignores certain issues like roofing or insect damage, the homeowner’s insurance may balk and require repairs in order to renew a policy. If something happens to the home and your parent is not insured, they’ll pay out of pocket for all damages and repairs.

Your parent needs to be able to afford all of these homeowner’s expenses on Social Security, pensions, and other sources of retirement income. Take a close look at typical yearly expenses – heating, taxes, property maintenance, emergency repairs, water, and electricity – and weigh that against the income. Is there going to be enough money coming in each month?


Is the House Suitable for Unexpected Disability?

You never expected your dad to have a stroke, but he did. He needs a wheelchair. How suitable is his house to this change in mobility? Are halls and doorways wide enough? Is there room to put in a wheelchair-accessible shower? Is the house on one level or are there stairs? If there are stairs, are they wide enough for a stair lift? Do your parents have the money needed to make required upgrades?


Are They Okay With the Idea of People Helping?

While your parents want to do everything for themselves, there comes a time when they will need help with some tasks. They’ll need help carrying heavy laundry loads around. Worsening eyesight may make it impossible for your dad or mom to drive to get prescription medications, groceries, or toiletries. Balance also is something that seniors struggle with, and your parents may not be able to clear gutters, reach an item in an upper cabinet, or wash windows.

Your parents will likely need help aging at home. They’ll need a caregiver to help shop for and prepare nutritious meals. They will need rides to the doctor for annual checkups. They may need help with laundry and light housework. With a home care professional available, they can handle daily activities of living. Call a home care agency to learn about scheduling, services, and rates.


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