Homecare in Roseville CA: Senior Quality Of Life

Homecare in Roseville CA: Senior Quality Of Life

In 2015, the National Committee on Aging questioned seniors about several topics. One of the most important involved what seniors felt were the keys to quality of life. Three things stood out.


Availability of Transportation Services

Approximately 3 of every 10 seniors wished their city or town had better transportation options. While many said their public transportation options were at least “very good,” some wished their community offered more.

If transportation is not regularly available to your mom or dad, you need to make sure they can get rides to senior centers, friends’ houses, shops, and other vital services. Talk to your local Agency on Aging to see what senior transportation options are available. Look into services like Uber. If those options do not work with your mom or dad’s schedule, look into transportation services with caregivers.


Connections With Family Members and Friends

Socialization is really important to seniors. It’s not just friends they want to spend time with each week. Many seniors say spending time with adult children, siblings, and grandchildren is important to their happiness.

Almost 4 out of 10 seniors who are isolated feel their health will worsen because of it. Isolation leads many of these seniors to feel depressed and pessimistic about their mental and physical health. Some seniors say technology helps them stay in touch with friends and family, but almost half of those in the survey said they struggle to use technology or cannot afford it.


Optimistic Outlook on Health Matters

In the report, 6 out of 10 seniors who felt they took care of themselves well had an optimistic outlook. These people focused on exercise, diet, and regular checkups to maintain their health and felt their health wouldn’t change in the next decade.


Some seniors did report they had at least one chronic condition. Of those people, a low energy level was one of the biggest hurdles in managing their condition properly. There’s a solution that can help your parent manage his or her health issue. Caregivers can take care of household chores like meals and laundry. Your parent will have more energy to focus on health matters.


Home care services include many beneficial options ranging from transportation to medication reminders. If you worry about your parent trying to do too much or staying isolated from friends and family, discuss the many benefits of caregivers. Call a home care agency today to find out more.


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