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Feeling that you’re not appreciated is a sad feeling because you feel unnoticed and unimportant. If you’re realizing that this is how you feel, there are things you can do to correct the situation.

Appreciate Yourself and Everything that You Do

Often feelings of not being appreciated for what you do stem from you worrying that you’re not good enough or that you’re not doing enough. When you can appreciate yourself and validate yourself, you may just find that those feelings of being unappreciated feel much smaller than they seemed at first. You may not even realize that you don’t appreciate yourself, so take the time to thank yourself every day.

Remind Yourself of Ways Your Deeds Were Appreciated in the Past

People who receive help from you now may be bogged down by their own situations and therefore unable to recognize you the way that you wish that they would. So remind yourself how people have shown their appreciation to you in the past. Perhaps they wrote you a letter or shared with you how much you helped them. Take the time to enjoy those memories.

Keep a Journal of Your Accomplishments

As much as it seems that other people can easily forget all that we do, it’s just as easy for us to forget what we accomplish. One way around this is to start keeping track of all your accomplishments. You might do this in your planner or in your existing journal, but it can be easier to keep these lists in their own special journal. Then you can find them easily when you need to remind yourself of all that you’ve done.

Acknowledge the Other People in Your Life

Another way for you to seek out validation and appreciation for yourself is to actually share exactly what you’re seeking with other people. Are there people in your life who maybe don’t know how much you appreciate them and what they do for you? These could be your loved one’s elder care providers or someone who covered for you at work when you needed to be with your loved one. Take the time to share with them how much they’ve helped you.

When you can validate and appreciate yourself, you don’t need that from other people.

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