Caregiver in Stockton CA: 4 Signs of Caregiver Stress

As a caregiver, stress is one of the biggest issues that you’re likely to face. It can be difficult to spot in the early stages and by the time you’re seriously stressed, your ability to be an effective caregiver may be extremely hindered. It’s important to know what to look for so that you can get help for yourself quickly.

You’re Anxious Even When There’s No Reason

Anxiety can be obvious, like when you’re pacing or fidgeting because you’re nervous, or it can be less obvious. You may start to feel like you’re missing something or that something hasn’t been done. Those feelings can persist even when you’ve checked and double checked everything. Asking yourself what you’re anxious about can help you to calm those feelings of anxiety when they crop up.

You’re Getting Mad a Lot

When you’re stressed, your feelings may not get expressed the way that they should be. Often that can make those feelings express themselves in the form of anger. People who usually don’t experience feelings of anger may find that they’re suddenly feeling angry all the time, over big and small issues alike. This isn’t fun for anyone around you and it’s definitely not any fun for you.

You Just Can’t Concentrate

Stress can cause your mind to wander constantly. You might find that you’re worrying about one particular topic, such as your loved one’s health, or that you’re just bouncing from one topic to another without being able to focus. The worst version of a concentration problem is when you find yourself zoning out and you weren’t thinking about any particular topic.

Your Sleeping or Eating Habits Are Way Off

As you experience more and more stress, you’re likely to have trouble sleeping, either too much or too little. You may also find that you’re not making great choices when you eat or that you avoid eating altogether. These two issues cause serious problems in your body because it means that your body isn’t getting the fuel or the rest that it needs in order to function well.

If anything else seems off, it may be time for you to talk to your own doctor about what you’re experiencing.

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