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Being able to drive is a task that most people do not cherish until it is gone. This is especially true for elders who have health problems that makes them dangerous behind the wheel. Caregiver-in-Rancho-Cordova-CAApproximately 77 million baby boomers are faced with the reality of no longer being considered “drivers” because they are dangers to themselves and other drivers and passengers on the road. Talking to an aging parent about their driving abilities will be difficult, but is necessary in order to get them to relinquish their keys.


Warning Signs

If an elderly loved one exhibits any of these signs, it is time to talk to them about looking for other transportation ideas.

  • Unexplained dents on the vehicle
  • Constantly coming close to being in an accident
  • Getting lost in familiar locations
  • Find it difficult to read traffic signs and lights
  • Easily becoming distracted while behind the wheel
  • Inability to make judgement calls
  • Delayed reaction between the gas and brake pedals
  • Unable to look over shoulder when turning or changing lanes
  • Received several tickets
  • Involved in multiple road rage incidents


How to Talk to Your Parent

If you know that your loved one will need to stop driving for their own safety and the safety of others, you will need to approach the subject carefully in order to prevent them from becoming defensive and resistant. These tips will help you have this difficult conversation.

  • Set your expectations low. In most cases, it will take more than one discussion before the elder will consider no longer driving. Do not expect a miracle after one conversation.
  • Be compassionate. As difficult as it will be to have this conversation, it will be even more difficult for the senior to give up their right to drive. Understand where they are coming from in order to better relate to how your loved one is feeling.
  • Pick the right time. Timing is everything. Bring up this topic when the elder is relaxed and in a good mood. Make sure they are not distracted by other things because that could take the focus off of the conversation.
  • Have a list of alternative transportation ideas. Your loved one may feel better about no longer driving if they know what options are available to them. Some ideas include taking a bus, taxi, or having a family member drive them. Another option would be to have caregivers drive for them. Not only will the caregivers be able to bring them wherever they want to go, but will also provide companionship and help with tasks around the home.


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