Providing Home Care in Sacramento,
Placer, Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa,
San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties.

Stockton: 209-478-9111
Concord: 925-280-9111
Davis: 530-844-9111
Sacramento: 916-924-9111
Roseville: 916-242-9111
Vacaville: 707-421-9111

Toll Free: 877-916-9111

Why Join?


Join ApexCare!!!

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities to be a caregiver with ApexCare®, e-mail your resume to us at or Click Here to submit an online application.

You can also call our Human Resources department at 877-924-9111 from Monday thru Friday between 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

We truly value and appreciate our caregivers and believe that they are the core of our business.  We hope you consider joining our team!


We Love Our Caregivers

ApexCare® is one of the premiere private duty in-home care companies in the Sacramento region, including Yolo, Placer, and El Dorado, San Joaqin, and Stanislaus counties.  We are passionate about taking caring of both our clients and our caregivers and we understand the importance of hiring and retaining the best of the best.

In order to create the best environment for our caregivers, we offer the following:

  • We work with our caregivers to accommodate their unique schedules and individual needs.
  • We provide hands-on initial training before our caregivers start their first assignment.
  • We offer and encourage free continued professional development for our caregivers.
  • We reward our caregivers each month for outstanding work through the Caregiver of the Month and Rookie of the Month awards.
  • We celebrate our caregivers by offering an annual Heart and Soul award each year to an exceptional caregiver.
  • We award a CNA scholarship to one of our deserving caregivers who wants to further her/his professional development.
  • We pay our caregivers bonuses for employee and client referrals.

We are aware that our company is only as good as the caregivers we hire and retain.  We are committed to creating a company culture and environment that supports and rewards our most valuable assets, our caregivers.

Caregiver Testimonials

"The employer matches me with the perfect clients.  We love to talk and have become friends out of the deal.  ApexCare does a wonderful job mixing personalities together! - September, 2017


"ApexCare gives me good encouragement and they show me gratitude and appreciation for the work that I do" - August, 2017


"ApexCare is very open and I've always felt comfortable asking questions, even when I was new." -  April, 2017


"The training was very educational.  They stopped during training so we could ask questions, they made sure we were well informed as to what we would be getting into." - March, 2017


"My supervisor is always looking out for me, and I know if I share something with my supervisor, she will be open-minded and willing to help. - October, 2016


"I have said that ApexCare is a really trustworthy agency that won't let you down. If you lose a client, they will give you another right away, they will listen to your opinions, and they will work with you and your likes."  – July, 2016


"I chose to work for ApexCare because, in my opinion, they're the best company in the business in my location." – July, 2016


"I like that the hours are pretty flexible, and I love that ApexCare works around my schedule." – June, 2016


"ApexCare is reliable and they will take care of you." – May, 2016


"I would tell others that ApexCare is very understanding. They are willing to work with your schedule, who you are, your skills, and they're respectful." – April, 2016


"I have recommended people to ApexCare and told them that it's a nice company, the staff is very active in connecting with their employees, and they have a good system.  I'm comfortable with the company, and they take care of their employees."  – April, 2016


"ApexCare has a team of educated members. They are compassionate and are able to make a difference for our clients. When a new caregiver comes in to take over with a client, there are always nice transitions."  – April, 2016


"ApexCare is a good company. I rarely go without a client.  Providing work for their caregivers is a top priority.  ApexCare also looks to perfectly match me with my clients."  – January, 2016.


"My supervisors are not judgmental and are very understanding. Whenever I call, a supervisor is there to talk to me. If I ever have an issue, my supervisors are there to listen." – January, 2016

Sacramento Office

1333 Howe Ave, Ste 206

Sacramento, CA 95825


Concord Office

2280 Diamond Blvd, Ste 580

Concord, CA 94520


Stockton Office

829 Rosemarie Ln, Suite F

Stockton, CA 95207


Vacaville Office

1981 Alamo Dr, Unit B

Vacaville, CA 95687