Elderly Care in Stockton CA: Why Is Your Loved One So Against the Idea of Elderly Care Providers?

If your loved one wasn’t exactly overjoyed to hear that you were bringing elder care providers in to help out, you’re not alone with that development. This is a fairly common reaction and it can happen for a variety of different reasons. Understanding what’s behind your loved one’s reaction can help you to figure out a solution.

She Sees Her Privacy Disappearing

For some elderly loved ones, simply knowing that there’s someone she doesn’t know well in the house is enough to make her feel as if she has no privacy. To help with this potential problem, make sure that you let your loved one know that the elderly care providers aren’t there to invade her privacy, they’re simply there if she needs them.

She’s Worried about Her Independence

Another side of the privacy coin involves your loved one’s independence. Many elderly loved ones have taken care of themselves for quite a long time and they don’t want to lose what independence they have left. If that’s the case for your loved one, reassure her that no one is trying to take anything away from her at all. Your focus is on her safety, not removing her ability to care for herself.

She Doesn’t See the Need

From your loved one’s point of view, you’re probably taking care of everything that she needs just fine. She may not see any reason to have someone else come in and handle anything. Your loved one may not see the strain that you’re under trying to meet all of your obligations. A frank talk with your loved one about what you need might help quite a bit.

Opening up to Strangers Is Difficult

Your loved one might also find it difficult to open up to people that she doesn’t know. That might make her feel reluctant to have senior care providers in her home, even if they’re helping her quite a bit. Give your loved one some time to adjust to the new situation and try to find ways to help your loved one get to know her elderly care providers.

Sometimes all you need to do is go slowly when introducing elderly care providers into your loved one’s life.

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