Providing Home Care in Sacramento,
Placer, Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa,
San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties.

Stockton: 209-478-9111
Concord: 925-280-9111
Davis: 530-844-9111
Sacramento: 916-924-9111
Roseville: 916-242-9111
Vacaville: 707-421-9111

Toll Free: 877-916-9111

Client Testimonials

How likely are you to recommend ApexCare to others?

David K - January 2018

"They are friendly and they have wonderful, proactive caregivers."

Bonnie H  - February 2018

"The caregiver is doing a very good job with helping with my wife. They have no problem adjusting to my schedule. We have a good rapport with the office staff."

Coraleta R - February 2018

"The case manager is just top notch. The office staff has been there for us the minute that we needed something."

Rosemond M - March 2018

"We've had wonderful caregivers They work hard to match the caregiver with my loved one's personality. They're professional and very dedicated."

Anonymous - April 2018

"The people that I have dealt with in the Sacramento office are very responsive to me, to my questions and requests, and it's certainly clear that they want to provide a good service that is customized to the needs of the person in need of home health care."

Daniel L - April 2018

"They are reliable if something happens, they call me up immediately and tell us if a caregiver is not coming, and they send us a substitute."

Barbara P - May 2018

"The best thing about them is that I always get a real person on the other end of the line whenever I call, and I can call 24 hours a day!"

Melanie B - June 2018

"They are very flexible about the hours. We had people come for two hours instead of four and most agencies won't do that."

David K - July 2018

"The caregivers are very responsible and good. They are very caring about my father. I have always had an outstanding response from the office."

Fred W - July 2018

"They are very organized and timely. They are problem solvers. We don't have any surprises with them."

Heide M - July 2018

"Their best feature is timely responses. They also have 24 hour people on call which is very helpful."

Jennings W - July 2018

"The individuals they have sent us have been very knowledgeable, attentive, and have very pleasant personalities. They have been great."

How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?

David K - January 2018

"Mary is above what I ever imagined having in a caregiver. She is skilled and gets along well with my father."

Coraleta R - February 2018

"Courtney goes above and beyond. She will spend extra time if my father is agitated."

Daniel C - February 2018

"They are able to provide services like making my loved one laugh, and they watch shows together. They make sure the bedding is clean."

Barbara P - May 2018

"Barbara has someone to take her out shopping, to appointments, and out to play bridge and do things that she likes. This helps her to feel more independent because she does not have to only rely on her family."

William F - July 2018

"She will play music that he likes and she helps him to write and color."

Daniel D - August 2018

"They help him to prepare his own food, keep bedding clean, laundry, and they don't talk down to him. They treat him like a friend."

How would you rate the compassion of your caregivers?

David K - January 2018

"Mary is more than a caregiver. She is a friend to my father. He gets excited when she comes and wakes up early to spend more time with her."

Wallace R - February 2018

"They are very understanding, and always willing to help."

Rosemond M - March 2018

"She has some memory issues, but they're very patient and explain things so that she can understand and is more likely to cooperate. They respect her intelligence and abilities. They never talk down to her. They're very attuned to her needs."

Melba B - June 2018

"The caregiver showed compassion in her manner and attentiveness. She was good at talking with my mother."

David K - July 2018

"She is very compassionate. She talks to him all the time, and she puts up with him. She explains everything that she is doing to him."

Antonio F - September 2018

"My mom is a sewer, so she brought her embroidery over and they did that together."

How would you rate your caregiver's work ethic?

William W - January 2018

"They will do what we want done and want to please us."

Clarence B - January 2018

"They went over and above our expectations. They were reliable."

Pat G - February 2018

"They're companionable. They're on time and dependable and capable."

Gladys M - March 2018

"They know what they have to do, and they go right ahead to do it without me having to tell them."

Dennis G - April 2018

"She goes above and beyond what I would expect. She never sits around. She is always asking if she can do something, which is appreciated."

William P - May 2018

"She listens very carefully and follows instructions perfectly. She is is not afraid to do things that she sees before I even know what needs to be done."

Susan S - June 2018

"They are on time or a little bit early. They ask what needs to be done and jump right in. They never do anything without asking. They are courteous and honest."

Stephen S - July 2018

"They have been responsive, respectful, accommodating, sensitive, and enthusiastic."

How satisfied are you with the communication and helpfulness of the office?

Daniel C - February 2018

"I really like the office staff. They keep working with me until we find caregivers that work out. They are pleasant to talk to. I am not just a number to them."

Dennis G - April 2018

"They are wonderful. I have never had a problem. If something happens, they are always calling. If the person can't show up, they always try to find someone. They are very cooperative and helpful."

Ernest W - May 2018

"The person that did the assessment was awesome and very thorough. Anytime that we called and arranged the schedule, they made it really easy for us."

Heide M - July 2018

"They have helped me tremendously with the schedule changes. They immediately respond and take care of it. I have called on the weekend and I get the same type of service."

How well are the caregivers matched with your needs and preferences?

Henry M - January 2018

"The caregiver and Henry have a mutual admiration for each other. Henry smiles when the caregiver comes in. I am not worried and know that Henry is in good hands."

Patricia B - January 2018

"My mom's sort of a private person but the first caregiver that came out was so good that my mom didn't want anyone else. She just waited for Stacy to come back."

Lorraine B - February 2018

"She doesn't just sit there, she talks to mom. Everything she does demonstrates that she cares."

Marjorie C - March 2018

"My caregiver knows what she is doing and has helped people in the past. She is aware of my disabilities and cautions me."

Daniel L - April 2018

"They are caring about the patient. I like that they have personal skills and communication skills."

Barbara D - May 2018

"I asked to have a caregiver that spoke Spanish, and they went out of their way to find me a caregiver who could speak Spanish."

Stephen S - July 2018

"They are responsive, sensitive, respectful, and they show an interest. They also have an investment in the care that they provide."

Heide M - July 2018

"My mom prefers someone that is not very talkative and someone that does the work she asks. They have sent people who honor that."

Rosemond M - September 2018

"I like that they're warm and compassionate. They relate to Rosie and have become involved and interactive with her neighbors, church friends, and the other people in Rosie's life."

Antonio F - September 2018

"She was perfect; she was a really good fit for them. She was not very aggressive or loud, and my parents appreciated that."