Throughout the United States, approximately one million people are living with Parkinson’s disease.

Of these, 20 to 30% will experience hallucinations as a symptom of their disease. Considered a form of psychosis, hallucinations are sensory experiences that are not really there. These can be upsetting and be disrupting for your aging parent, and it is important to be able to detect them so you can help your parent cope safely and effectively. Your parent might experience just one type of hallucination or could experience several.


Senior Home Care in Modesto CA: Types of Hallucinations

Senior Home Care in Modesto CA: Types of Hallucinations


Understanding these can help you to note when they are going through them so you can give them the care they need.
Hallucinations your parent might experience during their progression with Parkinson’s disease may include:

-Visual. The most common form of hallucinations among those with Parkinson’s disease is visual. This means your senior may see things that aren’t there, or misinterpret what they are seeing as other things.

-Auditory. Your parent might also hear things you don’t hear. This is a much less common form of hallucination but can be very upsetting.

-Olfactory. Uncommon in PD, your senior might smell things that are not there, such as a particular food cooking, or the perfume of a loved one.

-Gustatory. Also rare in PD is tasting things that are not really there.


Even if your aging parents only experience these hallucinations occasionally, or they do not upset them, if your parent is experiencing hallucinations it should be brought to the attention of their doctor.

Telling the doctor about all of the symptoms your parent experiences throughout the progression of their Parkinson’s disease is an important part of making sure that their needs are met, and they are getting care and management that is truly right for them.

One of the greatest challenges of being a family caregiver for an elderly adult with living with a progressive disease is the unpredictable nature of this type of challenge. Though there is a set of basic stages every person with a disease is likely to face, the exact set of challenges and symptoms your parent will experience is personal to them.

Having senior care as a part of your care approach for your aging parent as they progress through Parkinson’s disease is an important step toward handling their challenges now, and also preparing for what they may face in the future. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial for managing your parents’ challenges in the way that is right for them and helping them to stay as safe and healthy as possible as they progress. The personalized services of a senior home care services provide help to continue to pursue life goals and find as much meaning as they can in their daily life as they progress.

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