Senior Home Care in Stockton CA

Providing care for an elderly parent alone can be a stressful experience without the help of other family members. After all, it takes a village, right? Not only are you becoming stressed over your Senior-Care-in-Stockton-CAendless list of caregiving responsibilities, but the senior is probably not getting the care they need.

If you would like to share the responsibilities with siblings or other family members, here are some tips to do so.

  • Have family meetings. At the beginning of your caregiving journey, hold a family meeting to discuss all of the tasks that will need to be taken care of. Involve your elderly parent in these conversations so that they are also have a voice during the meetings. Make sure everyone is in agreement when it comes to your loved one’s care.
  • Ask for help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not be afraid to ask your family members and/or friends to help. If they are unable to, a senior care provider can be hired to assist with these tasks.
  • Use social media. One of the best things about social media is the fact that it allows us to communicate with friends and family, even if we are miles apart. Utilize social media to keep everyone informed on the status of the elder. You may also want to consider starting a blog and writing out the details of how your loved one has been and any changes they have undergone.
  • Talk about the finances and any other legal issues. This conversation may be an uncomfortable one, but is something everyone needs to be on the same page for. Find out if they have a living will, power of attorney for healthcare and finances, and a will. Determine who will handle the elder’s bills in order to make sure they are paid on time each month.
  • Find out what community resources are available. Most cities have resources that are available for caregivers. This could include meal delivery services, transportation, and cleaning services. You should also do some research on benefits that are available for caregivers.

Taking care of an elderly loved one alone can be a stressful and overwhelming job. However, by enlisting the help of your family and friends, you will have less stress and more time to spend on yourself and your own responsibilities. A senior care provider can be hired to provide the care your loved one needs if you are unable to do so.

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