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These days, everything can be done through the use of computers, from paying bills to grocery shopping. Teaching an elderly loved one to use a computer will allow them to live a little more independently. Even though these online resources can help your loved one maintain their independence, a senior care provider may still be needed to assist with the daily tasks that the elderly adult is unable to do by themselves.

Encourage the elder to try these websites in order to easily learn how to gain basic computer skills in no time at all.

  1. Skillful Senior. This helpful website is designed to teach seniors how to navigate through their computer and search for the health information they are in need of. Interactive animated tutorials are used to show them all of the skills they need to learn in a fun, entertaining way.
  2. Microsoft Accessibility. Microsoft Accessibility contains a list of resources that pertain to the skill your loved one wants to learn. They are also designed for elderly adults with impairments or challenges. The resources available cover all of the features in Windows 7, IE9, and Office 2010.
  3. BBC – Webwise. Seniors can easily learn basic skills for using the Internet with this website. It also teaches elders how to use basic applications on their computer in simple terms. Some of these lessons also come with interactive multimedia in order to make learning fun for your loved one.
  4. GCF Learn Free. Over 750 beginner and intermediate lessons are covered here. Some of the topics covered include online literacy, technology, and math skills. Each tutorial is supported with an interactive design and includes a number of articles, animation, and videos.
  5. HP Learning Center. The HP Learning Center is for people of all ages who need help getting started with their computer. The senior will need to register prior to participating in their first course, but also include quizzes, demonstrations, and assignments.
  6. Meganda. A blog-style format is used to teach beginner level student how to use their computer. A wide range of free lessons are available for your loved one to choose from.
  7. Good50. Good50 is not a computer skill learning website per se, but is a Google powered search engine that is easier to use and more readable. Large lettering is used in order to make it much more pleasing to the eye of seniors, school-aged children, or others with reading impairments.
  8. Eldy. Eldy is a free downloadable program that makes it easy for your loved one to learn how to use their own computer. It also includes big navigation buttons in order to make it easy to use.

If your loved one is in need of learning to use their computer. Try these websites for help.

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