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One of the most emotionally difficult decisions for many families is determining if or when it is time to move a loved one into a long-term care home. Even when the decision has been made, there is still a matter of which home or facility to choose.

ApexCare Can Help Assess Your Loved Ones Needs, And Determine if They Need To Be Moved To A Care Home

One of the most emotionally difficult decisions for many families is determining if or when it is time to move a loved one into a long-term care home. Even when the decision has been made, there is still the matter of which home or facility to choose.

Since 1992, ApexCare has been helping families find the right place for their loved ones to live. We understand the challenges such a decision can represent, the worries that can arise, and how the time to make these choices is often very limited. Our experienced placement professionals can help you determine if a move to a care facility is necessary, and make the arrangements for this process as smooth as possible.

Placement Services May Include:

Needs Assessments

Sometimes, family members of a client are considering moving their loved one to a care home, but are not sure of the necessity. At other times, a client is discharged from the hospital with a recommendation from their doctor to move into a care home, or of their own volition the client is considering the option out of personal concern for their health.

Our team can meet with clients and their families to help assess the need to move into a care facility. Some individuals may be physically frail, or suffering from later stages of Alzheimers or other forms of dementia. Others may require less observation or assistance. We take each client’s individual needs into consideration, and whether a permanent move is necessary or not, ApexCare believes in giving families the tools they need to make an informed choice.

On-site Tours of Care Facilities

Even after selecting a prospective care home, many families or elders still have questions. ApexCare alleviates these concerns by arranging facility visits. It’s one thing to analyze data, and something else entirely to pay a visit and get a feel for it. We have found that being able to talk to care home staff and visit with residents at a facility helps reluctant families and elders alike be more at ease with the decision to transition to living in a care facility.

There comes a time when in-home care provided by close family and professional caregivers is simply no longer the safe option. With ApexCare’s placement services, we can help your family find the best care homes in your region.

We Are Experts in Senior Housing Options, and Can Help You Pick The Best Long-Term Care Solutions.

We use a thorough series of checklists to assess care home options for our clients, considering factors such as the buildings and their surrounding grounds, management and staff, the health and happiness of the residents, and finally the costs of residency at these facilities. Questions we examine include:

What to consider when choosing a care home

Building & Grounds
  1. Is the location convenient for family and friends to visit?
  2. Are the grounds inviting and well-kept?
  3. Are the rooms and common areas clean and odor free?
  4. Is the temperature of the building comfortable?
  5. Is the layout functional and appealing?
  6. Is there a nice area for visits with family and friends?
  7. Is there adequate privacy in the residents’ rooms?
  8. Is there an emergency pull cord or intercom system?
  9. Is there a secure area for outdoor activities?
Management & Staff
  1. Who owns the care home and how long have they been in business?
  2. Is the administrator well-qualified and experienced?
  3. Does the care home provide light, moderate, or a high level of care?
  4. What is the staff to resident ratio (morning, afternoon, and night)?
  5. Is the staff well-trained and easy to communicate with?
  6. Is the staff upbeat, respectful, and attentive to the residents?
  7. Are staff and residents well-groomed and neat?
  8. Is the State license posted and current?
  9. Did you see the care home’s latest State Licensing evaluation?
Resident’s Care & Activities
  1. Do the residents look happy and well cared for?
  2. Are the residents compatible with your loved one?
  3. Are there constructive and enjoyable activities?
  4. Are the meals tasty and nutritious (sample a meal and review the menu)?
  5. Are resident preferences (diet, clothes, routine) accommodated?
  6. Are healthy snacks and fruits available at all times?
  7. Does qualified staff handle medications?
  8. How often are rooms cleaned, linens changed, and laundry done?
  9. How often are residents bathed?
  10. Is transportation provided to see doctors or dentists? How often?
Costs & Services
  1. What is the monthly cost of stay?
  2. Is there an entry fee?
  3. What services and supplies are included in the monthly fee?
  4. What “extra charges”, if any, are there?
  5. Did you read and understand all of the required paperwork?
  6. Is every contractual detail covered in writing?
  7. How often are future fees adjusted?  By what formula?

Placement Services FAQS

How will I know when it’s time to place my parents in a care home?

Every person is unique. Some elders remain capable even in their later years, but others are affected by age and disease, which can place great demands on the family members trying to care for them. Long-term housing solutions are unfortunately not inexpensive, which is also a factor that many clients must be forced to consider. Ultimately, if your loved one isn’t safe in their own home, or requires constant care that you or a caregiver cannot provide, a consultation with ApexCare can help you find the facility you need.

How can I find a care home that meets my budget?

Assisted living facilities can be very expensive from month to month. Room and board at the most basic care homes can cost $3,000 per month and up. Most ALFs start at $4,000 a month, and can reach $10,000 per month depending on the quality of service. There does exist a wide range of long-term care options, but generally the starting budget is $3,000 a month.

How much care and support can my parents expect to see at a care home or facility?

Depending on the costs, care may be limited to the providing of room and board, daily meals, and very basic assistance. More expensive facilities may offer greater assistance with personal care, and the option for more specialized services in exchange for additional fees. Memory care facilities can also come with very significant costs, particularly for individuals with later stage Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How much does ApexCare’s placement service cost?

We do not require upfront or out-of-pocket fees for placement services.

What if the facility I’m moving my parent to doesn’t have enough staff?

The unfortunate reality is that most long-term home care facilities are understaffed, and are unable to guarantee sufficient one-to-one care with every resident. Many clients opt to work with third party agencies, such as ApexCare, to provide trained caregivers that can be there when facility staff may be unable to step in.

Our Senior Home Care Guarantee

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Relieve stress and anxiety

Unlike most types of health care, home care actually relieves anxiety and stress rather than causes it.

Higher quality of life

Studies prove that home care patients heal quicker, live longer, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Caregivers You Can Trust

Every caregiver must pass a comprehensive background check, drug screening, and references check.

Bonded and Insured

For your peace of mind, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you from theft or liability.

30+ Years of Success

Thousands of happy families served since 1992; a testament to our quality and services.

No Contracts

We have no contracts and require only 24 hours to cancel shifts or end our services hassle-free.

Compatible Caregivers

If you don't bond with your caregiver and look forward to their visits, we will send a new one.

Flexible Scheduling

From 3 hours a day to 24-hour around-the-clock care, we can accommodate any schedule!

Multiple Payment Options

Long Term Care Insurance, Veteran's benefits, and private pay are all accepted as payment.

Management Available 24/7

Our Care Managers are available to support you for any needs you may have day or night.

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