It can be terrifying as a family caregiver to start seeing your aging adult becoming more and more confused. Getting to the bottom of the situation allows you to put solutions in place before your senior experiences long-term effects.


Homecare in Elk Grove CA: Senior Confusion

Homecare in Elk Grove CA: Senior Confusion


Cognitive and Neurological Changes

One of the first things that most people think of when an elderly family member starts acting differently is that she may be developing dementia. This is a complex situation, however, and her doctor needs to be able to run some tests in order to determine what is going on. From there, you can take appropriate steps.

Medication Side Effects

Very often, medications can cause side effects that leave your aging adult feeling confused and out of sorts. She may not realize at first that the medication side effects are what she’s experiencing. Talk with her doctor about side effects that you’re noticing and see if changes to her dosages or medications make a difference for her.

Lack of Proper Nutrition

If your elderly family member isn’t eating properly, she’s not getting the nutrition that her body needs in order to thrive. Consider working with a dietician or nutritionist to revamp your aging adult’s diet. Long-term changes can take time as your senior adjusts to her new way of eating, so try to be patient while making changes.


There are so many reasons that your senior could be experiencing depression, but getting a handle on it as soon as possible helps you get the treatment for your senior that she needs. Your aging adult can experience a great deal of loss as she ages, both of people and aspects of her life that she’ll never get back.

Other Health Conditions

Other health conditions, such as blood pressure and blood sugar issues, can cause confusion as well. Getting a handle on these conditions can often correct the confusion and return your elderly family member to normal. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor so that you know what to watch for with her overall health.

Always bring up concerns about your senior’s changing symptoms with her doctor. He can work with you to determine what is causing the problem and put a solution in place.


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