Upwards of 17 percent of all men and women over the age of 65 are isolated. AARP also found that almost half of women in the U.S. over the age of 74 live alone. Social isolation creates feelings of loneliness that can impact overall health. Is your mom at risk?


Home Health Care in Woodland CA: Senior Socially Isolated?


Questions to Ask…


-Does your mom live by herself? That is one of the key risk factors for becoming isolated. If she no longer drives and family members and friends don’t see her at least once a week, it’s likely she’s socially isolated. In addition to finding out how often your mom talks to others, she should feel that she has a purpose.

-Is she part of a group? Does she attend church or another social activity? If not, you could introduce her to activities in her area. The local senior center is a good place to start.

-Has your mom lost a family member, pet, or close friend? Is she retired?Those events can make you feel depressed and lonely. After retirement, it’s easy to lose track of former coworkers as people travel or move to a different state or country. If a pet or someone close to your mom passes away, she’s dealing with grief and the loss of a companion.


How Do You Prevent Social Isolation?

-Make sure your mom has ample opportunity to get out of the house. Take her to cooking classes, book reading groups, and senior center activities. If you can’t take the time off work to bring her, work out a schedule with other family members and friends. You may want to hire home care professionals to help out. They can schedule appointments and classes and drive your mom to area businesses.

-Visit as frequently as possible. Once a week is good, but more often may be better. Get others to visit on days you can’t. Work out a schedule that’s saved online and have people stop by to chat, share a meal, or take your mom out.

-Talk to your mom about her daily activities. Find out if there are things she’d like to do. She might be interested in joining a gardening club or knitting group. If she is, you can talk to local churches, senior centers, and public libraries to see if there are any groups that match her interests. If not, consider creating one within the community. You can also look into volunteer opportunities for her.


How can home care services help?

Home care services can truly help keep your mom from feeling isolated. Arrange to have a caregiver socialize with your mom once a week, a few days a week, or every day. To learn more about the ways that caregivers can help prevent social isolation, call a home care agency.


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