Knowing when your mom and dad need help around the house can be trickier than you’d expect. They insist they’re doing fine. You’re not sure how to know when they need home care.

 Home Health Care in Elk Grove CA: Signs Your Senior Needs Help

Home Health Care in Elk Grove CA: Signs Your Senior Needs Help


Here are some of the key signs…


Your Parents Are Skipping Showers or
Wearing Dirty Clothes Regularly

You’ve noticed your mom only wears the same pair of jeans every time you see her. She’s also in the same sweater. You check the laundry room and find a massive pile of laundry that looks like it’s been there for weeks. When your parents wear the same clothes all the time, it can be a sign that they’re having a hard time.

Your dad smells of sweat. You see dirty caked on the back of his neck. His hair is limp and greasy. That’s another sign that regular grooming is not happening. It’s time they have help.


You Catch Them in a Lie

Your dad tells you they went to their doctor’s appointments and everything was great. Weeks later, you answer their phone. It’s the doctor’s office reminding them they’re overdue for a check-up. It’s time to find out why they are lying to you about their health matters.


Items in the Fridge and Freezer Are Months or Years Past Expiration

You’re looking for something to make your parents for dinner and find steaks that they bought two years ago. You continue to look and find that many of the meats in the freezer are at least a year old. When you look through the fridge and cupboards, you find that everything is outdated, infested with insect pests, or moldy.

After a thorough cleaning of all the kitchen cupboards, fridge, and freezer, there’s little food left. If it’s gotten this bad, your parents need help with kitchen management.


Prescription Medications Rarely Need Refilling

Your mom is taking medications for high cholesterol. Your dad is on blood thinners. It’s been a month since you last picked up a refill. When you stop by to check on them, you find that only half the pills have been used that month. This is another sign that they need help with the activities of daily living.


Your mom and dad may not like having someone providing their care, but their health and safety may require home care services. Senior care professionals come as often as is necessary. Your mom and dad remain in the home they know and love, but they have help with medication reminders, shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping. Talk to a senior care agency to learn more.


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