For many people, their fathers have been a positive influence in their lives, guiding and shaping their path toward adulthood.

That’s why it can be difficult for adult children to see their aging fathers be confined to bed. Staying in bed all the time can be a little lonely and a little boring, so when Father’s Day approaches, it’s an excellent time for family members to plan something extra special.


Home Care in Stockton CA: Father’s Day Ideas for Seniors

Home Care in Stockton CA: Father’s Day Ideas for Seniors


Due to illness, injury, surgery or just the frailties of old age, many seniors must stay in bed for most or all of the day. They may not be able to fully take care of themselves and depend on a family caregiver or elder care provider to help with dressing, bathing, housekeeping and more. If an aging dad is not able to leave the house, then family members must create a Father’s Day celebration that he can enjoy from his location.


Here are 5 Father’s Day party ideas for bedridden dads that will bring some fun and variety into their life.


1. Barbecue

The classic backyard barbecue is always fun for a Father’s Day party. Family caregivers and elder care providers can set up an appropriate chair in a shady and cool spot on the patio or in the yard and move the elderly adult in place before the party guests arrive. Set up lawn games and serve plenty of good food and drinks


2. Slide Show

Elderly dads want to be surrounded by family and friends, and what better way to share how special he is than to put together a slideshow from photos of his life. Set it to music or narration and preserve it in slideshow software that can be shared with other family members and become a keepsake that an aging dad can look at over and over again.


3. Movie Theme Party

Many bedridden seniors watch a lot of TV but family members can kick it up a notch by throwing a themed movie party for family members and friends. If the aging dad has a particular actor, actress or genre of movie they like, the theme can be centered on that. Popular themes include westerns, classic horror, mobster, fantasy and superhero.


4. Poker Night

Bring the glitz and glam of Las Vegas to your elderly dad’s home by hosting a poker night or casino night. It can be just a few close friends or a lot, but everyone should come feeling lucky. Some party stores have casino games to rent, or else pull out a deck of cards and plenty of chips. Make sure to have plenty of snacks and some classic crooning music playing in the background.


5. Dinner Party

If an elderly father is a foodie, consider throwing a themed dinner party. Or, hire a professional chef to prepare exotic and interesting dishes for him and his family members. Another option is to arrange a catered meal from an award-winning local restaurant or eatery.

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