More than ever, aging adults are learning how to use social media to stay connected with the world.

Even though seniors are the least likely group to use social media regularly, their numbers are growing. When they have assistance from family members, friends, and home care providers, elderly adults can be enthusiastic participants on social media. There are even several benefits for aging adults who do so.



Home Care in Manteca CA: Seniors and Social Media


Obstacles to Social Media Use

It’s clear that seniors are lagging far behind other age groups when it comes to taking advantage of the digital age. Major obstacles are primarily lack of equipment. It doesn’t seem difficult for people with a lot of experience with computers or smartphones to stay caught up with the latest technology, but it can be almost impossible for seniors to feel comfortable with it. They simply don’t know where to go or what to buy.

Some aspects of social media are completely foreign to elderly adults, many of whom were first introduced to computers in middle age or later. Concepts that come naturally to younger generations are a challenge to master. Many seniors may even be stubborn about acquiring new knowledge, believing that technology and social media will simply not provide them with any benefits.

The good news is that if elderly adults see all the advantages that social media can bring into their lives, they are more likely to give it a try. A supportive network of family caregivers and home care providers can also make a difference for them when it comes to learning about social media.


Benefits of Social Media for Seniors

Seniors are certainly going to benefit from having social media in their lives. With age, people often deal with physical or mental decline which makes it harder for them to be social. With retirement and family members and friends spread across the country, seniors can become quite isolated and lonely. Social media is one way to remedy this pervasive problem for elderly adults.

Even if they have a family caregiver and home care provider, elderly adults want to be closer to all their friends and family members. All too often, they feel like they are missing out on their children’s and grandchildren’s activities. Social media is an excellent way for them to see what’s going on in the lives of their loved ones near and far. From funny stories and quick messages to photos and videos, seniors can fully participate with their families and friends online.


Another benefit for seniors who use social media is that they can be entertained and involved.

They can’t get out as much as they used to and participate in hobbies and activities. With social media, they can join groups with similar interests, such as sports fans, crafters or politics. Social media also helps seniors watch and read an amazing amount of information, from recipes and do-it-yourself tips to healthy living and classic movie suggestions.

The possibilities are endless when family caregivers and home care providers set up a way for seniors to get on board with social media and help them get connected.

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