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Congratulations to our April 2018 Caregivers of the Month!!!

We are proud to announce our outstanding Sacramento and Vacaville Caregivers of the Month for April 2018. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!!!


Sacramento Caregiver of the Month – Marian T.
Marian T. is our April 2018 Caregiver of the Month. Marian is a very caring and attentive individual and she gives nothing shy of 100 percent when working with her clients. She’s highly skilled and performs all her job duties to the best of her abilities. Marian joined our team three years ago and we are so delighted to her as a part of our extended family. Marian, we appreciate your dedication and work ethics. You are truly a shining star and it shows through everything that you do. Your ApexCare family would like to thank you for being a positive reflection not only for yourself but ApexCare as well. The Spotlight is yours, Marian, enjoy it and congratulations on a well-deserved award.





Sacramento Rookie of the Month – Kathy V.
Kathy V. is our April 2018 Rookie of the Month. Kathy was hired back in March of this year and from day one of meeting Kathy, she was eager to work. Kathy is a People Pleaser and she always looks forward to taking on new task and challenging herself. Kathy has such a warm-hearted nature about herself and she cares deeply for her clients. She also works well in a team environment and does what is needed to ensure that her client’s needs are being met. Therefore, ApexCare is happy to announce that Kathy is a deserving recipient of this award and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Kathy. Kathy, we thank you for being you and we’re happy to have you on board with our ApexCare family. Congratulations Kathy and thumbs up to you.






Vacaville Caregiver of the Month – Satwant S.
ApexCare Vacaville office is extremely proud to announce our Caregiver of the Month, Satwant Sahota. Satwant has worked closely with the same client for quite some time. She is always on shift on time and is always willing to work extra if needed. She is consistent, caring and her dedication to her client is admirable. She has a very “go with the flow” approach and can adapt and adjust to any obstacle she is faced with. She communicates well with the office and is always pleasant to interact with. Satwant, we thank you for your pride in your position here at ApexCare. You are appreciated!!






Vacaville Rookie of the Month – Shannon H.
ApexCare Vacaville office is proud to announce our Rookie of the Monday, Shannon Herr. Shannon has worked with a wide variety of clients, has been very flexible with her schedule and always willing to take on the tasks we ask of her. She returns every phone call and keeps a very open line of communication. She is willing to grow and learn from feedback and has never missed a shift! She is extremely caring and always has the clients best interest at heart. Thank you, Shannon, for your AWESOME contribution to the ApexCare Vacaville team! We are happy to have you on board!




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Jason Wu, President

President at ApexCare
I first became aware of the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease ten years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with this disease.I saw firsthand how critical it was to have a loving family or caregiver to ensure my grandmother’s safety and daily well-being.My grandmother was fortunate enough to have close family members who cared for her as her Alzheimer’s disease progressed.

Since then, I have had a strong interest in helping and supporting our senior community as they age and are unable to care for themselves.Coming from a family of physicians, I am excited to be involved in the medical community by providing the highest levels of non-clinical in-home care to our clients and their families.With my work experience, I firmly believe that ApexCare can touch many lives and have a great impact on our local senior community.

Prior to joining ApexCare, I worked in a wide variety of industries and have owned multiple businesses ranging from construction to mortgage banking.Outside of work, I am an active youth soccer and basketball coach, having coached recreational soccer for over 8 years and elementary school basketball for over 4 years.I graduated with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received a Masters of Management degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.My career has been focused on building great organizations that deliver the highest absolute levels of service to our clients.I look forward to continuing this passion with ApexCare.