Today’s society has made social media an almost indispensable aspect of daily life for many people, especially youth and young adults.

Though it is most often used for entertainment, as a family caregiver you should know using social media effectively can actually help you manage many of your care efforts, and improve your care journey with your elderly parent. June 30th is Social Media Day. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find creative and meaningful ways to incorporate social media into your care routine to simplify your efforts and improve your parent’s quality of life.


Home Care in Modesto CA: Caregiver Social Media


Some ways social media can help you with your care efforts include:

  • -Making it easier to keep in touch with your elderly parent, particularly if you live at a distance from your senior. Through social media, you can stay connected with your parent with messages, posts, and even video calling to provide closer contact even when you are not able to be with them.
  • -Giving your parent a simple, fast way to reach out to you to ask questions, let you know they need something, or post updates about their condition when you are at work or otherwise inaccessible by phone calls.
  • -Allowing you to create a schedule that is easily checked, shared, and modified by both of you.
  • -Giving access to connecting your parent to friends and family. Creating private platforms allows others to stay in touch with your parent, share pictures, and send messages.
  • -Creating a secure and easily accessible place for you to ask for help with care tasks or other needs such as carpooling for your children. This lets friends and family you allow on the platform to see what you need and offer help.


Home care offers your aging parent a fully customizable approach to care for your senior.

This means they will offer the exact services your aging parent needs to manage their challenges and needs while supporting greater independence and satisfaction as they age. One of these services is companionship. This valuable service can help to support your parent’s mental and emotional health and well-being, stimulate your senior’s mind to keep it strong and responsive and reduce the risk of issues such as depression, anxiety, and isolation. This includes spending time with them, enjoying activities and outings together, and even helping them to use social media effectively and safely. These forms of social interaction work together to support your parent’s quality of life throughout this new chapter in their life.


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