Nobody knows exactly when they will need to take their elderly relative to the hospital.

However, the odds are higher than average that it will certainly happen to an elderly person. Whether the visit is scheduled or an emergency, it’s important that the family caregiver has their hospital bag all packed up to take along.


Home Care in Manteca CA: Hospital Visit Pack

Home Care in Manteca CA: Hospital Visit Pack


Some caregivers have a bag sitting somewhere out of the way, all ready to go. Other caregivers may find they need to pull something together quickly. To make things easier on the elderly adult, there are certain things that are necessary to pack to make it a comfortable stay.


Here are several critical things to pack for an elderly person’s overnight stay:


Pajamas: While the aging adult will probably get a hospital gown to wear, they may feel more comfortable in a nightgown or elastic waist pajamas. Depending on the place and the problem, most hospitals don’t mind if some people bring their pajamas.


Cardigan or robe: Elderly people chill more easily than others because their circulation is often less efficient. Plus, hospitals are often colder than a person’s house.


Slippers or textured socks: The cold tile floor of a hospital can be uncomfortable for an elderly person to walk on, but they still need traction. Rubber texture on the bottom of slippers and socks works best.


A change of underwear: Going without underwear or wearing hospital underwear is something that most seniors refuse to do. Having something they are familiar with helps them, even if they still must wear a hospital gown.


Toiletry kit: To save space, include sample sizes of the elderly person’s preferred toothpaste, shaving products, and more. Other helpful items are a toothbrush, hairbrush or comb, and items they use frequently such as cotton swabs.


Shampoo and soap: The hospital will provide these things, but if the elderly person prefers their favorite brands, they need to come in the overnight bag.


Moisturizers: It can get very dry in the hospital, and many seniors need items like lotion, lip balm, and even dry eye drops to remain comfortable.


Glasses and hearing aids: These devices make it so much easier for seniors to get along so they should not be forgotten in the overnight bag. Of course, spare hearing aid batteries are a must.


Reading material: It’s always a good idea to include some reading material to help with boredom. Interesting books or light magazines usually work best.


Electronic devices and chargers: Nowadays, seniors can be tech-savvy and might want their smartphone, e-reader or another device. Of course, they’ll need the right chargers to keep the batteries full.


Medication: Seniors need their daily medicine no matter where they are staying. It’s helpful to have a list of current medication and doses for hospital staff.


Personal information: It’s always a good idea to have a personal information sheet with information such as the name, age, preferred language, contact numbers for family members, current doctor and any chronic conditions.


Personal item: Some seniors have a personal item that brings them comfort, from a favorite picture to a handmade blanket. It’s definitely a good idea for them to bring anything that will help them relax and feel uplifted.


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