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Laughter is the best medicine is a popular expression that has some merit to it. Just remember the last time you were with a friend and laughed so hard you cried. How great did that make you feel? While not only relieving the pressures of daily living, laughter also boosts your immune system and diminishes pain.Home-Care-in-Rocklin-CA

Laughter’s Effects

  • Laughter increases your endorphins—promoting a feel-good attitude with the additional benefit of relieving pain.
  • Laughter relieves stress. It lightens the load, instills a sense of camaraderie and reminds us that things may not be as dire as they seem.
  • Laughter increases blood flow, promoting circulation and thereby helping to prevent cardiovascular problems.
  • Laughter helps reduce anxiety. Have you ever tried to stay angry, depressed or irritated while laughing? They are mutually exclusive.

Movies that Make You Laugh

Sharing a moment of laughter with your elderly parent is priceless and now, knowing all the benefits, almost mandatory. In honor of all the benefits laughter brings, we’ve listed some of the best comedic movies to share together—and don’t forget the popcorn.

  • 22 Jump Street – Channing Tatum and Johan Hill will definitely get the chuckles going as they try to take down a drug ring.
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Ok, maybe you need to have a slightly warped sense of humor to really get the belly rolling with this one, but with John Cleese and the rest of the gang, it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • Odd Couple – For those that appreciate Walter Matthau’s dry sense of humor, this classic should really be at the top of the list. Jack Lemmon plays his obsessed best friend whose divorce is driving him over-the-edge.
  • My Cousin Vinny – Joe Pesci plays a New York lawyer who’s never won a case and is now faced with defending his cousin for a murder he didn’t commit. Pure Joe Pesci.
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles – No comedy list could be without Steve Martin and John Candy. Both can be found in this movie about the antics and insanity they endure when trying to get home for the holidays. If Robert Downey Jr is more your style, Due Date puts Ethan Tremblay together with Downey on a similar plot line except this time, Downey needs to make it home in time for the birth of his child.

Be sure to share this list with your loved one’s home care provider. They too are happy to keep laughter a large part of your parent’s life. Undoubtedly, you home care provider will also have a list of their own to share with you.

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