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If you or your elderly loved one are in doubt about whether he’s losing his hearing or not, the first place to go is his doctor for a hearing test. But sometimes it takes a few clues to help one or both Elder-Care-in-Davis-CAof you determine that it’s time for that test.

He’s Speaking More Quietly Himself

When your loved one isn’t hearing all that well, he can’t tell whether he’s speaking quietly or shouting. Some elderly loved ones go the opposite way and start shouting, which makes a hearing problem easier to spot. If your elderly loved one is speaking more quietly than usual, you might at first chalk it up to him just wanting to be quieter at first.

He’s Complaining about How Other People Speak

If your loved one is having a difficult time hearing, he may often think that the problem is actually that no one can speak properly anymore. He might be asking people to speak up or to speak more slowly, without realizing what he’s doing. Start paying attention to how your loved one interacts with other people when they’re talking.

He Has Trouble with Conversations in a Crowd

Conversations in a crowd are difficult for people with hearing issues because the crowd’s conversation becomes a buzzing sound. That sound can interfere with your loved one’s ability to make out conversations, even if other people are speaking loudly and enunciating clearly. In a really loud crowd experience, almost everyone has trouble, so look for this issue in more than one situation.

He Avoids Conversations or Social Events

Some elderly loved ones become so fed up with trying to talk to people or asking them to speak up that they avoid interactions with people altogether. If your loved one was previously social and now isn’t, it could be that his hearing is the culprit.

He Keeps Turning the TV Up

This sign is a little more obvious, but it can sneak up on both you and your elderly loved one. If you find that he’s consistently turning the television or the radio to a louder setting, he may be having hearing issues. Some television programs or radio programs may be transmitted at a lower volume, so you may have to look for a consistent pattern rather than a few programs being louder here and there.

If you’re still not sure, talk to your loved one’s doctors and elder care providers to get another perspective.

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