Home Care in Granite Bay CA: Is Clutter Taking Over Your Loved One’s Home?

If you’re starting to notice that there’s more and more clutter in your loved one’s home, you might need to do something about the situation. There can be a lot of different reasons for this problem, so it’s important to get to the bottom of it carefully.

Talk to Your Loved One

Some elderly loved ones don’t recognize that clutter has built up around them. The clutter may have been there for a while, so it’s not uncommon for your loved one to be “clutter blind.” It’s also possible that your loved one is embarrassed by the clutter and hasn’t wanted to bring it up with anyone else. Start an open and loving conversation with your loved one and see if you can determine what you can do to help.

Work out What’s Causing the Situation

There are a ton of reasons that your loved one could be having difficulty with managing her belongings at home. The fact that she may not have noticed the clutter building up is certainly one potential cause. Your loved one could also be feeling depressed, which makes her less likely or able to manage her house on her own. Another factor could be that your loved one simply isn’t able to physically take care of the situation on her own. Another potential cause could be that your loved one is a compulsive hoarder.

Talk to Her Doctor if it’s Depression

If your loved one is dealing with depression, her doctor can help. He might also recommend a therapist that your loved one can talk to in order to help her work through her depression. Some chronic health problems can result in depression, so getting a handle on those conditions can sometimes help manage the depression.

Get Other Help if the Problem Is Something Else

For situations in which your loved one simply isn’t able to physically keep up with her household items and issues, she may need you to step in and help out more. That’s not always something that you can do, however, which can be an excellent time to call on other family members or to hire home care providers.

Remember to approach the topic in a loving and caring manner instead of from a judgmental point of view.

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