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Four Reasons to Consider Joining a Caregiver Support Group

Caregiver support groups are incredibly helpful but so many caregivers are reluctant to join them and to attend meetings. The reasons for this response vary, but there are so many reasons you should reconsider participating in a support group. Finding a group is easier than you think, too.     It’s a Safe Place to […]
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What Types of Hallucinations Might Your Senior with Parkinson’s Disease Experience?

Senior Care in Modesto CA: Throughout the United States, approximately one million people are living with Parkinson's disease. Of these, 20 to 30% will experience hallucinations as a symptom of their disease.
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Could Social Media Help You With Your Care Efforts?

Today’s society has made social media an almost indispensable aspect of daily life for many people, especially youth and young adults. Though it is most often used for entertainment, as a family caregiver you should know using social media effectively can actually help you manage many of your care efforts, and improve your care journey […]
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