Caregiver in Roseville CA: B-Shoe to Help Prevent Falls

Caregiver in Roseville CA: B-Shoe to Help Prevent Falls

Could the key to preventing your elderly mom from falling be as simple as a shoe?  B-Shoe Technologies thinks the answer to that question is yes.

According to the National Council on Aging, 25 percent of all seniors over the age of 64 fall down each year.  Falling accounts for more than 27,000 fatalities each year.  There’s a shoe in the works that could keep your mom from falling.


How the B-Shoe Works

The B-Shoe is the invention of Dr. Yonatan Manor.  The shoes look like a pair of really comfortable loafers, but there’s a rechargeable battery pack on the back of them that controls the stability system.   This battery pack powers a few devices that help stabilize balance.  There’s the microprocessor that controls a pressure sensor, motion device, and miniature treadmill.

When the pressure sensor and motion device notice an unstable step, the miniature treadmill automatically pulls the foot backward to help gain control.  This mimics the natural response of moving a leg back to prevent a fall.  Right now, the shoes are still in development, but B-Shoe Technologies expects they’ll be available in a couple of years.


How Can You Prevent Falls in the Meantime?

Go through your mom’s home and look for obstacles that can lead to a fall.  Are there handrails on all the steps inside and outside the home?  Does your mom have throw rugs that might slip and cause her to trip?  Fix these issues and help her avoid falling.

A blown light bulb, clogged cutter, or dishes out of your mom’s reach may have her climbing on a chair or ladder and losing her balance.  There are stepladders with grab bars she can use for support if she must climb up to fix or reach something.  If you move dishes to lower cabinets and make sure her bulbs work and gutters are clear, she won’t be tempted to do it herself.   Preventing these issues will help keep your mom safe.


Elderly care services offer other services that can help a senior age safely at home.  As you address your mom’s aging in place, caregivers are one of the things you must consider.  Caregivers can help with some of the routine household chores that lead to falls, such as changing a light bulb or carrying laundry downstairs.  Call an elderly care service today to find out more.



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