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Many times when a family caregiver hears that she should join a support group, the first response may be that that isn’t for her. The truth is that joining a support group is powerful for every Caregiver-in-Modesto-CAfamily caregiver because of what it gives to you.


You Can Ask Questions about Caregiving

Depending on how the meeting is set up, you likely get quite a bit of time to ask a variety of questions about caregiving, your loved one’s specific ailments, or anything else related to the two. You’ll also get a chance to hear other people’s questions, which might actually be something you didn’t realize you needed to know. As you gain more experience with caregiving, it can be very fulfilling to be able to answer questions for people who are new to caregiving.


You Can Share Your Frustrations

Being a caregiver is not without its frustrations, no matter how much you love your elderly loved one. Having a group of people who are in a similar situation to talk to allows you to vent about your frustrations. You may go into a meeting angry or irritated but you’re likely to come back out with a new attitude. You might even find yourself laughing about the situation once you find the humor in it.


You Can Brainstorm Solutions

You’ve probably heard the expression that two brains are better than one and that can apply to caregiving, too. When you’re a member of a support group, you have access to way more than just two brains. You’ve got access to a group of people who have been or are in similar situations who can help you to brainstorm a solution that can work for your elderly loved one.


You Establish a Connection

Most importantly, joining a support group allows you to form a connection with other people who are very similar to you. Being a family caregiver can often mean that you feel isolated and alone, but that’s not reality. When you take the time to explore the connection to other caregivers, you’re reminded that you’re not on this journey by yourself.

Even if you’re still not convinced, make an appointment with a family member or elder care provider to take over for you while you attend a support group meeting. You might be surprised just how much you get out of the experience.

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