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Although older adults with vision problems may need extra help from family members or caregivers, this does not mean they can’t live alone. Yet, to ensure they are safe in their home, Caregiver-in-Elk-Grove-CAadjustments may need to be made. Making these changes to their home will make it easier for them to live an independent life for as long as they would like to. Below are some of the changes that should be made in order to create a safer home environment.

  • Cover the windows. Seniors with vision impairments may be sensitive to glare that bounces off of the windows. To prevent this from happening, your loved one should add window coverings to their windows. The elder may also be sensitive to bright lighting, so installing adjustable lighting will allow them to create the perfect setting for their vision.
  • Choose the right games. Games are a great way to keep the senior entertained, while also helping to keep their brains stimulated and constantly working. When deciding what game to play, opt for ones that have enlarged illustrations and/or words. Bingo cards and card games are just a couple examples.
  • Walk with someone. Even if the elder’s home is clean and organized, they could still injure themselves by accidentally walking into something. Their caregiver should walk with them while the senior holds on to their arm. This way, they will be able to prevent a fall or injury from occurring.
  • Describe the meals. When serving them, describe what kind of meal they will be having. Do so in a clockwise manner so that the elder knows where everything is located on their plate. Place all utensils and other items in the same spot in order to make it easy for your loved one to find every time.
  • Remove any item that could cause a fall. If there is something in the home that could cause a fall, it has to go. This includes loose rugs or furniture that takes up walking space
  • Use clear, concise directions. When trying to give them clear directions, be clear with what you want in order to prevent any confusion.

Vision problems can cause a world of issues to occur for the senior, but these tips will help your loved live an independent life in the comfort of their home. For more tips, make sure to check with their doctor and/or physical therapist.

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